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EtE Progress in New York State

In 2014, Governor Cuomo announced a three-point plan to end HIV/AIDS as an epidemic in the state. In 2015, a task force appointed by the Governor developed – with extensive input from a parallel ad hoc community “kitchen cabinet” coalition – the New York State Blueprint which includes 30 key recommendations. Several metrics are being tracked in order to assess progress on recommendations from the plan, many of which can be tracked via the online EtE Dashboard.

The New York State AIDS Institute uses nine population-level metrics to help track progress toward Ending the Epidemic by 2020. Advocates have been eager to see results from state surveillance for 2016 – widely considered the first year to demonstrate significant effects of EtE implementation. Below are graphs showing hopeful progress on three of the nine state metrics (click for larger view and for all EtE targets).


Of note, while not discernable from the graphs, there was a 12% drop in new diagnoses between 2015 and 2016 in MSM, largely driven by an astounding 18% drop in new diagnoses among Latino MSM. Much work remains, however; results outside of New York City have stalled, reflecting a need to substantially improve efforts in the rest of the state.