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The best anti-HIV drugs available still have significant shortcomings, and people with HIV urgently need better treatment strategies. The Treatment Action Group (TAG) works with the community, scientists, government, and drug companies to speed the development and delivery of safer, more tolerable, and more effective HIV treatments to all people with HIV worldwide.

Antiretroviral drugs—named as such because they attack HIV, a type of virus known as a retrovirus—are the primary medical means of preventing illness in HIV-positive people. TAG’s Antiretroviral Project advocates for new antiretroviral research to address the unmet needs of HIV-positive people. The project ensures that HIV community priorities are incorporated in the design, planning, and execution of clinical and operational research on all antiretroviral drugs and treatment strategies. It collaborates with activists internationally to rapidly expand drug availability to achieve the goal of universal access to antiretroviral drugs by 2010.

The Antiretroviral Project seeks to ensure that:

  • new drugs are studied in the populations and situations where they are likely to be used
  • new drugs and diagnostics are developed that will be practical and affordable for people with HIV throughout the world
  • preapproval drug access programs are available to the full range of people who critically need them, regardless of location or economic status
  • pharmaceutical companies routinely consult with community experts at all phases of the drug development process;
  • pharmaceutical companies seek more relevant and detailed information about the risks and benefits of drugs in development and those already on the market
  • the pharmaceutical industry’s marketing practices comply with the community’s standards for fair and ethical behavior
  • all people with HIV receive lifesaving treatment, care, and information