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Access to quality diagnosis, treatment, and prevention for tuberculosis (TB) is a human right. Are the necessary tests, treatments, vaccines, services and policies available where you live or work? This new checklist from Treatment Action Group (TAG) lays out simply the core elements of an adequate TB response. You can use this checklist to see if your country (or province, or local setting) has all the pieces in place to end TB. For questions on why any of these are important, or for help advocating for any missing interventions where you live, please contact

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Bedaquiline is now recommended as a core part of drug-resistant TB treatment, but price is a major concern to ensuring all who need treatment with bedaquiline receive it. The public has made significant investments in the development and introduction of bedaquiline, which should be reflected in the price of bedaquiline. 

TAG's "Reality Check" outlines the public's investments in the development of bedaquiline and the publicly supported incentives from which Janssen, the drug's sponsor and a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, has benefited.

The right to enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications is a fundamental human right and one of the central pillars of TAG's advocacy to promote TB research and access to its benefits.

Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a process through which the human rights record of each United Nations member state is reviewed by other countries every five years. Civil society organizations can submit information to the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) and put forward recommendations for how countries under review can better respect their human rights obligations as established by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and any human rights treaties which the states have signed and ratified.

As a civil society organization, TAG regularly writes and submits these UPR

Treatment Action Group congratulates TAG cofounder and Yale University Assistant Professor Gregg Gonsalves on receiving a 2018 MacArthur Fellowship. Gregg co-wrote TAG's seminal 1992 report, "AIDS Research at the NIH: A Critical Review" with Mark Harrington and wrote the crucial 1993 report "Basic Science on HIV Infection: A Report from the Front."

He was TAG Policy Director through 2000 and led TAG's treatment literacy workshops with the Treatment Action Campaign in 2000. From 2001-2006 he worked at GMHC, then relocated to Cape Town, South Africa, to work with the International Treatment

GCTA, TAG, and DR-TB STAT developed this letter template to help activists to call for bedaquiline-based, injectable-free regimens in their countries. Please download this template letter here and use it in your country to advocate for the best care possible for people with drug-resistant TB.

Anyone who’s affected by TB can use this letter template – you don’t have to consider yourself an activist to take action on this very important issue.



In advance of the first-ever United Nations High-Level Meeting on Tuberculosis (TB), a new brief from Treatment Action Group (TAG) — Funding for TB Research: Recent Momentum Must Inspire Bold Commitments — shows that global funding for TB research and development (R&D) reached a new high of USD $767.8 million in 2017. This marks the second year in a row that funding for TB research exceeded $700 million.

An estimated one million children develop tuberculosis (TB) disease each year, and a further 7.5 million are exposed and in need of evaluation and treatment to mitigate the risk of developing TB. Yet, existing approaches to prevent, diagnose and treat TB either do not meet the needs of children or are not available where they are needed the most. In recent years, increased attention and research and development (R&D) efforts have resulted in incremental advances for children with TB, but much work remains to end the unnecessary sickness and death borne by families affected by TB.


Treatment Action Group (TAG) is an independent, activist and community-based research and policy think tank fighting for better treatment, prevention, a vaccine, and a cure for HIV, tuberculosis, and hepatitis C virus.
TAG is seeking a highly motivated and organized Director of Finance, Development, and Operations to manage and help execute its operations and development, with a strong focus on building systems for more efficient work and communication within and across the organization. This position will report to the Executive Director, and be based in New York City.
The Director of

TB Project Program Officer

Safiqa is a TB Project Officer and works closely with TAG’s TB Project Co-Directors to support and advance global and local TB projects. She advocates for TB programs in New York City and state, and strives to advance TB diagnostics research and development, and further access to diagnostic tools and interventions. Safiqa is dedicated to listening to, supporting, educating, and empowering vulnerable populations affected by infectious diseases.

Prior to TAG, Safiqa delved into the world of public health and advocacy through opportunities to advocate for global