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Publications 2009

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tagline 2009

TAG at the Union: Addressing Critical Challenges in TB/HIV Research & Program Implementation
December 1, 2009, Cancun, Mexico - About 70 activists, researchers, clinicians and public health experts participated in a TAG/Stop TB Partnership satellite meeting held prior to the 40th Union World Conference on Lung Health.

Assessing President Obama’s Response to the Global AIDS Crisis
December 1, 2009, marks President Obama’s first World AIDS Day in the White House and the first World AIDS Day for the newly elected Congress. The time is right for a frank assessment of his first year in the fight against global AIDS as President. This analysis focuses on the funding and policy decisions the Administration has made since taking office in January 2009, and assesses the human impact of those decisions.

The Future of Global Health: Ingredients for a Bold & Effective U.S. Initiative
October, 2009 - Major accomplishments in global health over the last decade demonstrate that adequately resourced programs, focused on achieving specific results, can improve health outcomes for millions and support economic progress. They also show that distinct public health challenges are closely interconnected and that a comprehensive and integrated strategy is needed to ensure that ambitious health goals are met.

2009 Pipeline Report
HIV, Tuberculosis, and Viral Hepatitis: Drugs, diagnostics, Vaccines, and Microbicides in Development

July 2009 - TAG’s annual Pipeline Reportsurveys the developments in medicines and diagnostics most likely to improve the lives of people living with HIV, viral hepatitis, and tuberculosis within the next few years. But in spotlighting what is in the pipeline, the report also identifies critical gaps where research is falling short of the need for better tools to manage these diseases.

Workshop Report: Studying the Impact of Genetic Variation on the Host Response to HIV
July 10, 2009 - On January 8, the Office of AIDS Research convened a two-day workshop to discuss genome-wide association scan (GWAS) studies in HIV infection. GWAS involve studying known variations in the human genetic code (called single nucleotide polymorphisms or SNPs) to find out if these variants impact an outcome of interest, such as the rate of disease progression in HIV-infected individuals. The overall goal of the workshop was to prioritize which facets of HIV infection should be investigated using the GWAS approach, as in addition to evaluating outcomes involving disease progression there are many other possibilities, such as looking for associations with resistance to HIV infection among individuals who remain seronegative despite repeated exposures to the virus. The workshop also discussed key issues related to the conduct of GWAS studies, such as the availability of appropriate cohorts and control groups, and the question of whether potential cohorts have appropriate samples and informed consent.

Guide to Hepatitis B for people living with HIV (Available in English, Spanish, Bugarian, and Russian)
June 2009 - Welcome to this treatment guide for HIV-positive people who also have hepatitis B (HBV). This guide provides information on the prevention, care, and treatment of HBV, and the impact of HBV on HIV disease. It is designed to be accessible to people with no medical training. Where medical terms are used, they are explained in detailed but simple language.

Flat-Lined: How Flat NIH Funding Undermines Research on HIV, Tuberculosis, and Viral Hepatitis
May 2009 - The goal of this funding analysis is to provide a comprehensive picture of the current state of U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) research investment in HIV/AIDS and three of its most common coinfections—hepatitis B virus (HBV), hepatitis C virus (HCV), and tuberculosis (TB)—after five years of flat funding at the NIH (2004– 2009).

Tuberculosis Research & Development: A Critical Analysis of Funding Trends, 2005–2007: An Update
May 2009 - For the third year, Treatment Action Group (TAG) analyzes and reports on the annual funding of tuberculosis (TB ) research and development (R&D). The top 40 TB research funding institutions were surveyed for actual disbursements made for TB R&D in fiscal years 2005, 2006, and now 2007. The three-year data reveal trends in funding and demonstrates an alarming shortfall in the growth of TB R&D during the initial years covered by The Global Plan to Stop TB: 2006–2015.

Empowering Communities for TB Advocacy: The TAG-ICW Model
2009 - This publication by TAG and the International Community of Women Living with HIV–Eastern Africa (ICW) provides activists, policy makers, and donors with lessons learned from two years of capacity building for HIV treatment activists to integrate tuberculosis (TB) and TB/HIV collaborative activities into their advocacy work.

Letter to NIAID Director Anthony Fauci Opposing the HVTN 505 Vaccine Trial
April 7, 2009 - TAG has previously expressed opposition to the PAVE100A vaccine trial involving the Vaccine Research Center’s DNA and Ad5 candidate(i). With the recent presentation by Dan Barouch of new macaque challenge data involving a DNA/adenovirus prime-boost regimen at the 2009 Keystone meeting(ii), we now must vociferously oppose the proposed descendant of PAVE100A, the HVTN 505 trial.