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Annette Gaudino

HCV Project Co-Director

Annette Gaudino was formerly Statewide Coordinator for the Campaign for NY Health, where she worked with legislators and coalition partners to successfully pass a universal single-payer health care bill twice in the State Assembly. Annette comes to TAG after four years with ACT UP New York, where she contributed to the their response to the Ebola panic, represented the group in the Safe Injecting Facility (SIF) NYC coalition, and helped connect ACT UP to hepatitis C advocates, leading to the formation of the NY State Hepatitis C Coalition. Annette is honored and excited to join the TAG team. She has over 25 years of direct action organizing experience in the HIV/AIDS, LGBT, women's, and harm reduction movements. Becoming politically active in college, Annette arrived in San Francisco in early 1991, where she immediately became active in ACT UP and Queer Nation and emerged as a leader in the Women's Action Coalition (WAC). Through her work at the Institute for Community Health Outreach, the California state-funded training center for peer community health outreach, Annette learned the history of drug prohibition from harm reduction pioneers and an ethnographic, participant observer approach to behavioral intervention. She served on the organizing committee for the San Francisco Dyke March, at the time a non-permitted march and street party with over 50,000 participants at its peak. Annette has worked in stem cell research as a lab technician, and she provided rehabilitation to patients as a licensed speech and swallowing therapist, where she gained insight into the role of payers in clinical care and access. In 2011, she was drawn to the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, where she became a key member of Health Care for the 99%, a working group of OWS focusing on medical debt, ultimately resulting in the purchase and elimination of millions in debts. Since 2012, Annette has been an active member of ACT UP New York, where she was instrumental in organizing their 25th Anniversary Action in collaboration with OWS. Annette has been a key member of the facilitation committee of ACT UP; helped lead their response to the Ebola panic; represents the group in the SIF NYC Coalition, which is working to bring safe injection facilities to New York; and connected ACT UP to hepatitis C advocates, leading to the formation of the New York State Hepatitis C Coalition. Annette also actively reached out to leading advocates for drug pricing transparency and reform, including TAG, to educate and strategize demands and actions challenging the current drug development regime. Annette brings keen political instincts and a commitment to work in partnership with those directly impacted by disease and poverty to build a world where health care is recognized—and funded—as a public good and a human right guaranteed to all.