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Comparing Protease Combinations

Reported maximum average reductions in plasma RNA with selected protease inhibitor combinations (in treament naive/experienced* individuals)
SQV.6 logS. Vella
SQV(new formulation)1.5 logRoche
RTV1.2-1.9 logAbbott
IDV1.2-2.0 logMerck
NFV1.5 logMarkowitz
SQV+AZT1.0 logS. Vella
SQV+ddC.6 logRoche NV*
SQV+AZT+ddC.8 logACTG 229*
RTV+AZT1.2 logAbbott
RTV+AZT+ddC2.0-2.5 logLeibowich
IDV+AZT1.4-1.5 logMerck
IDV+AZT+ddl2.9 logMerck
IDV+AZT3TC>2.0 logMerck 035*
NFV+d4T2.4-2.6 logChapman