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tagline 2008 Winter

tagline 2008

  • Merck HIV Vaccine Trial Results: Hopes Dim for Struggling Field
    Immunizations in a trial of Merck's HIV vaccine were stopped when it was determined that the vaccine was not working. There are now concerns that the vaccine may have increased the risk of HIV infection in some participants.
  • Action Needed Against TB/HIV and the MDR- and XDR-TB Crisis
    A TAG-sponsored forum in South Africa brought together scientists, policy makers, and community activists to discuss multidrug resistant and extensively drug resistant TB and HIV and to identify steps to address the growing crisis.
  • Palm Project Interviews: A Talk With Steven Deeks
    TAG has conducted a series of interviews with leading scientists about the underlying pathogenesis of AIDS to gain insights into emerging lines of research and observations about the current research funding environment.
  • "Cure for AIDS" Finds New Life Among Scientists and Activists
    The HIV persistence workshop is a biannual event held on the small Caribbean island of St. Maarten. The goal of the workshop is to bring together scientists working on issues relating to the persistence of HIV despite treatment and potential strategies for curing HIV (either by eradicating the virus or rendering it unable to cause disease without the need for lifelong drug therapy).