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tagline 2009 June

tagline 2009

  • AIDS Funding Backlash: A Conversation With Sue Perez and Gregg Gonsalves
    Pressure is increasing to redirect international funding for HIV into broader health initiatives. TAG's policy director Sue Perez and international AIDS activist Gregg Gonsalves talk about these challenges.
  • The HIV Entry Ban: What's Next? A Talk With Nancy Ordover
    Nancy Ordover, PhD, has served on the International Task Team on HIV-Related Travel Restrictions, convened by UNAIDS and concerned with issues relating to the human rights, public health, and economic impact of HIV entry bars on immigrants, migrants, refugees, asylees, detainees, and other mobile populations.
  • A Long-Term Survivor: The Pioneering MACS Cohort
    Adapted from remarks given on May 12, 2009, at the Carnegie Institution for Science in Washington, D.C., at a celebration for the 25th anniversary of the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study (MACS), an ongoing prospective study of the natural and treated history of HIV infection in gay men. Over 7,000 men have participated in the MACS since it began enrolling subjects in 1984. The study has produced over 1,000 research publications and has been a seminal influence on how HIV is studied, prevented, diagnosed, and treated.
  • State AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) Hepatitis Coverage
    Hepatitis C Treatment, Psychiatric Medications (SSRIs), Growth Factors, Hepatitis Vaccines (March 2009)
  • Two New TAG Publications: Research Funding Gaps Revealed
    Treatment Action Group has published two new reports on the crisis in national and international funding for scientific research on AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), and viral hepatitis.