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tagline 2010 Summer

taglne 2010

  • Inflammatory Debate Over When to Start
    Ever since the first anti-HIV drug was approved for prescription, there has been debate and controversy regarding when an HIV-positive person should start antiretroviral therapy (ART). For hundreds of thousands of HIV-positive people diagnosed at higher CD4 counts, this life-altering treatment decision has been fraught with uncertainty due to lack of the most reliable, rigorous evidence -- that derived from well-designed, controlled, randomized clinical trials.
  • A New Start for an Old Movement: The Making of the HIV Research Catalyst Forum
    After a five-year hiatus, NATAF (North American AIDS Treatment Action Forum), a community conference focused on HIV treatment and prevention research has re-emerged onto the national scene.
  • Can More People Be Put on ART Without Increased Cost?
    With no end to the global funding retreat in sight, new strategies are required to change the way we provide treatment to the world's 33 million people infected with HIV.
  • What U.S. Health Care Reform Means for People With HIV
    Slow Implementation for Needed Changes