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Colleen A. Daniels


TB/HIV Project Director

Colleen has extensive experience as a project manager, technical officer, and consultant in HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, health and conflict, and fragile settings, working to deliver access to essential health services. She has worked on programs across 10 countries, lived and worked in Australia, Kenya, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Thailand, and was an Australian Youth Ambassador to the Kingdom of Tonga.

Colleen was a technical officer in the Stop TB Department of the World Health Organization, where she developed a successful campaign to reduce the burden of TB in people living with HIV. She developed global advocacy plans and ensured that affected communities were involved in all aspects of advocacy and communications. She also produced a new website ( ). As part of the Secretariat for the Global TB/HIV Working Group, she coordinated all communications and TB/HIV Core Group meetings, attended by donors, academics, experts, people living with, government representatives, NGOs and other UN organizations. She coordinated workshops and provided technical assistance on advocacy and communication to build the capacity of civil society organizations in Africa, Asia-Pacific, and Eastern Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Colleen managed the Public Private Initiative program at Health Action International Europe, which evaluated the sustainability, effectiveness, benefits, and risks of antiretroviral provision in Kenya, Ghana, Peru, Moldova, Thailand, and Vietnam. She also worked with a coalition of NGOs and the Kenyan and Brazilian governments to secure a successful passage of a resolution through the World Health Assembly that established a global R&D framework.

Colleen worked as a policy and campaigns officer at World Vision Australia, creating an HIV/AIDS information group to raise awareness and provide HIV prevention interventions. With a client base of 500,000 supporters and volunteers, she developed a campaign calling on the Australian Government to double its overseas aid commitment. She also designed and delivered seminars on HIV/AIDS for over 2,500 attendees at World Vision Youth Leadership Conferences.

Colleen received her Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations from St Mary’s University in San Antonio, Texas, and holds a Master of Arts degree in International Relations/Studies from the University of Melbourne, Australia.