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Mark HarringtonExecutive Director

Erica Lessem – Deputy Executive Director

David Branigan – TB Project Officer

Edric Figueroa – ACT NOW: END AIDS (ANEA) Coordinator

Mike Frick TB Project Co-Director

Annette Gaudino – Director of Policy Strategy

Bryn GayHCV Project Director

Christopher George – Finance Manager

Sabrina Guerrero-Morris – Director of Finance and Operations

Richard Jefferys – Basic Science, Vaccines, and Cure Project Director

Abraham JohnsonHIV Community Engagement Officer

Jeremiah JohnsonHIV Project Director

Jason Kirk Grant Officer

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Lovinger – Senior Government Relations and Policy Officer

Suraj MadooriU.S. and Global Health Policy Director

Joseph McConnellAdministrator

Lindsay McKenna –TB Project Co-Director

Joelle Dountio Ofimboudem – HCV Community Engagement Officer

Dorrit Walsh – Communications Manager

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