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State and Local Policy Director

Annette Gaudino joined TAG after four years with ACT UP New York, where she was instrumental in organizing their 2012 25th Anniversary Action in collaboration with the Occupy Wall Street movement, helped to catalyze their response to the Ebola panic of 2014, represented the group in the Safe Injecting Facility (SIF) NYC Coalition, and helped connect ACT UP to hepatitis C advocates, leading to the formation of the NY State Hepatitis C Coalition in late 2014. Prior to becoming TAG’s State and Local Policy Director, Annette served as Statewide Coordinator for the Campaign for NY Health, where she worked with legislators and coalition partners to successfully pass a universal single-payer health care bill in the State Assembly two years running. She has over 25 years of direct action organizing experience in the HIV/AIDS, LGBT, women’s, and harm reduction movements. Annette has also worked as a technician in an NIH funded in stem cell research lab, and provided rehabilitation treatment as a licensed speech and swallowing therapist in a skilled nursing facility.
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