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Grant Officer

Luci Kade is TAG’s grants administrator, supporting fundraising and development for the organization. Luci joined TAG in 2022.

Luci holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, and has worked in nonprofit for nearly ten years. Prior to joining TAG, Luci was responsible for growing grant funding and individual giving at the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children.

In his spare time, Luci dabbles in a wide variety of creative pursuits – including tamburello, dance, fiber art, and prose – and his interest in improvisational forms has been a thread that connects the mediums he enjoys most. Luci also tends a permaculture garden, and has explored numerous creative ways to utilize common weeds in cooking.

Pronouns: He/him/his

Photo of Luci Kade - black and white photo of white woman with glasses and a nose ring, wearing a black and white patterned shirt
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