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orange image with white type that reads statment on fda approval, injectable pre-exposure prophylaxis

image that reads Abraham johnson's message (gapp video)

TAG Update - support our work

image that reads end tb now act

image link that reads Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends 2005–2020

White text on gold background that says Reflecting on the past! celebrating the future! webinar

white type on a green background that reads Vivid Coffee TAG Blend

Red graphic with white type that says 2021 Research in Action Awards, with the TAG logo in a black circle

linked image that reads October 2021 TAGline - white type on a red background

White text on green background that reads webinar: future of hiv biomedical prevention research

image that reads: LAT (long acting technologies) illustrated glossary

graphic that reads: work with us. White type on a blue background

image link to pipeline report 2021

image link to TAG's limited art editions page

Image that reads: TAG 2002 Annual Report; white leters on purple background

image containing the title of the TAG publication, Breaking Barriers

Image containing the title of TAG publication, Community Engagement through TB Storytelling

image link to TAG's limited art editions page

Image for webinar on unique barriers to COVID-19 Vaccine Access for black communities

Image for webinar on addressing barriers to engagement with faith communities and covid 19 response

graphic for community update on current & future covid-19 vaccine trials webinar on april 6

Graphic link to registration page for webinar: demanding a higher standard of care for TB in EECA

Graphic link to Nitrosamines and TB Medicines publication page

Image link to Civil Society Engagement

Graphic linking to the Good COPs or Bad COPs webinar materials

Image link to Vivid' Coffee's TAG blend - $5 donated to Treatment Action Group for every bag sold

Image link for the publication Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends 2005-2019

image linking to article in quoting TAG's Bryn Gay

Image link to Gay City News story about rally protesting de blasio's covid-19 response

image link to 2019 TAG annual report

In Memoriam Larry Kramer

NBC Out Story on COVID-19 Risk if you're living with HIV

Image link to TAG's statment on high price of Cepheid's Xpert test for COVID-19
Image: link to covid-19 response statement
Activist's Guide to Rifapentine image and link

Future of Biomedical HIV Prevention Trials clickable image link


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