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Last Updated: 1/10/22

Paxlovid for the Treatment of COVID-19: Considerations for People With HIV and Hepatitis C – The Infectious Disease Society of America and HIV Medicine Association, December 30, 2021

What to Know About HIV and COVID-19 – U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

People living with HIV at higher risk of COVID-19 illness but have lower access to COVID-19 vaccines – UNAIDS, October 11, 2021

Some people with HIV may have weaker response to COVID-19 vaccines – Liz Highleyman, AIDSMap, October 14, 2021

Have COVID-19 vaccines been tested in people with HIV? – Roger Pebody, AIDSMap, August 2021

Lower CD4 count and unsuppressed HIV raise the risk for severe COVID-19 – Keith Alcorn, AIDSMap, July 20, 2021

People with HIV should be prioritised for COVID-19 vaccination due to higher risk, WHO recommends – Keith Alcorn, AIDSMap, July 18, 2021

WHO warns that HIV infection increases risk of severe and critical COVID-19 – World Health Organization, July 15, 2021

Mitigation strategies to safely conduct HIV treatment research in the context of COVID-19 – International AIDS Society

COVID-19 vaccines and people living with HIV – World Health Organization

COVID-19 Vaccines and People with HIV: Frequently Asked Questions – HIV Medicine Association

COVID 19 Real-Time Learning Network: HIV – The Infectious Diseases Society of America and U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

COVID-19 and People Living with HIV, Frequently Asked Questions – AIDS United, HIVMA, Latino Commission on AIDS, NASTAD, NMAC, Positive Women’s Network, Prevention Access Campaign, TransLatin@ Coalition, US PLHIV Caucus, and The Well Project


Interim Guidance for COVID-19 and Persons with HIV – U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, April 21, 2020

What does COVID-19 mean for people living with HIV: online information – HIV i-Base, March 27, 2020

Journal Articles

Association Between Immune Dysfunction and COVID-19 Breakthrough Infection After SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination in the US – Jing Sun et al, JAMA, December 28, 2021

Associations between HIV infection and clinical spectrum of COVID-19: a population level analysis based on US National COVID Cohort Collaborative (N3C) data – Xueying Yang et al, Lancet HIV, October 13, 2021

Sociodemographic, clinical, and immunological factors associated with SARS-CoV-2 diagnosis and severe COVID-19 outcomes in people living with HIV: a retrospective cohort study – Daniel K. Noma et al, Lancet HIV, October 13, 2021

Humoral immune responses to COVID-19 vaccination in people living with HIV on suppressive antiretroviral therapy – Zabrina L. Brumme, et al, medRxiv, October 04, 2021

Immunogenicity and safety of the BNT162b2 mRNA COVID-19 vaccine in people living with HIV-1 – Itzchak Levy et al, Clinical Microbiology and Infection, August 23, 2021

Covid-19 vaccine immunogenicity in people living with HIV-1 – Lauriane Nault et al, bioRxiv, August 13, 2021

Overview of SARS-CoV-2 infection in adults living with HIV – Juan Ambrosioni et al, Lancet HIV, May 2021

SARS-CoV-2 seroprevalence, and IgG concentration and pseudovirus neutralising antibody titres after infection, compared by HIV status: a matched case-control observational study – Matthew A Spinelli et al, Lancet HIV, April 19, 2021

When Epidemics Collide: Why People with HIV May Have Worse COVID-19 Outcomes and Implications for Vaccination – Virginia A. Triant and Rajesh T. Gandhi, Clinical Infectious Diseases, January 4, 2021

COVID-19 infection among people with HIV in New York City: A population-level analysis of linked surveillance data – Sarah L. Braunstein, Clinical Infectious Diseases, November 30, 2020

Elevated COVID-19 outcomes among persons living with diagnosed HIV infection in New York State: Results from a population-level match of HIV, COVID-19, and hospitalization databases – James M. Tesoriero et al, medRxiv, November 6, 2020

New pathogen, same disparities: why COVID-19 and HIV remain prevalent in U.S. communities of colour and implications for ending the HIV epidemic – Gregorio A Millett, Journal of the International AIDS Society, October 28, 2020

Outcomes of COVID-19 related hospitalization among people with HIV in the ISARIC WHO Clinical Characterization Protocol (UK): a prospective observational study – Anna Maria Geretti et al, Clinical Infectious Diseases, October 23, 2020

Characteristics, Comorbidities, and Outcomes in a Multicenter Registry of Patients with HIV and Coronavirus Disease-19 – Dima Dandachi et al, Clinical Infectious Diseases, September 9, 2020

Descriptive account of 18 adults with known HIV infection hospitalised with SARS-CoV-2 infection – Sara Madge et al, Sexually Transmitted Infections, September 2, 2020

SARS‐CoV‐2 infection in people living with HIV: a systematic review – Paola Costenaro et al, Reviews in Medical Virology, September 1, 2020

Risk factors for COVID-19 death in a population cohort study from the Western Cape Province, South Africa – Andrew Boulle et al, Clinical Infectious Diseases, August 29, 2020

COVID-19 in Hospitalized Adults With HIV – Kate Stoeckle et al, Open Forum Infectious Diseases, August 1, 2020

Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes in People Living With HIV Hospitalized for COVID-19 – Noga Shalev et al, Clinical Infectious Diseases, May 30, 2020

A Case Series of Five People Living with HIV Hospitalized with COVID-19 in Chicago, Illinois – Jessica P. Ridgway et al, AIDS Patient Care and STDs, May 29, 2020

COVID-19 in people with HIV – Zhe Xu, Chao Zhang and Fu-Sheng Wang, Lancet HIV, May 28, 2020

Description of COVID-19 in HIV-infected individuals: a single-centre, prospective cohort – Pilar Vizcarra et al, Lancet HIV, May 28, 2020

Clinical Features and Outcome of HIV/SARS-CoV-2 Co-Infected Patients in the Bronx, New York City – Kulachanya Suwanwongse and Nehad Shabarek, Journal of Medical Virology, May 28, 2020

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