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We now have evidence-based tools for HIV treatment and prevention that are so effective that they could conceivably end the most deadly infectious disease epidemic in modern history.

Many community leaders across the United States are calling for just that: an end to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in their cities, their counties, and their states. In many ways, this is a paradigm shift – rather than asking for unambitious, incremental progress in reducing new infections and increasing viral suppression rates, communities of activists, service providers, health departments, elected officials, people living with HIV, and other stakeholders are doing the work to create ambitious and bold plans to improve the health outcomes of all people living with and vulnerable to the virus and to drive HIV/AIDS below epidemic levels.

This website walks through several key aspects of Ending the Epidemic (EtE) strategies, with examples of existing plans and development tools to help start or continue similar initiatives in virtually all U.S. jurisdictions. Treatment Action Group (TAG) has been a leading organization in advocating for EtE planning. In partnership with Housing Works, TAG first proposed the possibility of ending HIV as an epidemic in New York State in 2012, organizing the first meetings between key stakeholders and public health officials to discuss the development of an EtE plan.In 2016, both organizations played a leading role in convening ACT NOW: END AIDS, a national coalition of key stakeholders from jurisdictions pursuing their own EtE plans.

Because community leadership is at the heart of all EtE planning, we focus on the needs of affected community members looking to further their own EtE work. However, all key stakeholders will find something of use here.

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