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Barbara Hughes is an AIDS activist and a non-profit executive in New York City.

Bobby McLain is a retired international banking executive.

Laura Morrison is an AIDS activist and Associate Director of Communications, NYU Silver School of Social Work.

Robert W. Lennon is a business development and communications professional in New York City.


Jim Aquino is a Broadway advertising executive in New York City.

Frank Bua is an author, educator, and LGBT activist.

Dick Dadey is an LGBT activist and civic leader in New York City.

Nick Debs is an activist and principal of Debs & Co.

Joy Episalla is an AIDS activist and a visual artist in New York City.

Kevin Goetz is a film industry executive in Los Angeles.

Roy Gulick is a professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College and the chief of the infectious diseases division at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital.

Jameel Jiwani is an investment professional in New York City.

Richard Lynn is an AIDS treatment activist and professional management consultant in New York City.
Jeff Mendoza is a retired garden designer in New York City.

Robert Monteleone operates a rooftop garden design and installation business in Manhattan.

Eddie Pelto is Chief Advancement Officer at Safe Horizon, a nonprofit  in New York City.

David Sigal is a filmmaker in New York City.

Monte Steinman is a retired fiscal management executive in cable television media New York City.

Mrinal Vikram is a finance professional based in New York City.