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TAG’s HIV Project works to maximize equitable, affordable access to the tools, services, policies, and approaches to care that we know can end HIV. Ending the Epidemic (EtE) advocacy is at the core of the HIV Project’s work, from driving the nation’s first EtE initiative in New York to leading the Act Now: End AIDS coalition’s support for partners in heavily burdened jurisdictions in the Southern U.S. TAG’s HIV and policy teams tackle issues around drug pricing, funding for evidence-based HIV programming, access to healthcare, and policies that promote safe, inclusive environments free of stigma and discrimination for people to seek prevention and care for HIV and related infections, including sexually transmitted infections.

TAG’s HIV Project leads research activism and promotes community engagement to ensure that people living with HIV everywhere have more options including, ultimately, a safe and effective HIV vaccine and a cure that’s scalable, affordable, and can be used worldwide. TAG’s HIV Project recognizes that even the most effective existing prevention and treatment interventions have shortcomings. To this end, TAG tracks the antiretroviral, cure, immune-based therapy, and prevention pipelines, and plays a vital leadership role in basic science, vaccines, and cure advocacy. Our HIV cure-related clinical trials website listing, updated monthly to provide information on studies and their results, is widely cited by researchers and partners in scientific papers and in conference presentations. The HIV Project also advocates for appropriate interventions for people who, despite HIV treatment, still have poor immune system recovery. Central to this work is ensuring legislators and policy makers understand the need for research funding, and how important it is to make decisions based on scientific evidence.

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