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View our “35 Years of Art to End AIDS” exhibition catalog.

Each year, at its annual Research in Action Awards, TAG presents a new, limited edition artwork, generously donated by a highly regarded visual artist.

To purchase one of these unique works, please use this form. We’re also happy to arrange for an opportunity to view an art piece at TAG’s offices in New York City, if feasible due to COVID-19 safety precautions.

We sincerely thank all of the artists who have generously contributed to the TAG Limited Art Editions.

To learn more about each artwork, click on its thumbnail image or year.

A photo of one of the unique 2023 Limited Art Editions by Ivy Kwan Arce. A variety of colorful elements enclosed in a glass vitrine2023
Ivy Kwan Arce
Entre el cielo y la tierra : 天地之間
東經134度 4分38秒, 北緯34度28分53秒

RIAA 2022 Limited Art Edition, Tintura del Sol by Rafael Sanchez2022
Rafael Sánchez
Tintura del Sol

photo of TAG's 2021 Limited Art Edition: "Book Marks" by Nancy Brooks Brody
Nancy Brooks Brody
Book Marks

Thumbnail image of Keith Meyerson's "Homage to America’s Doctor, Anthony S. Fauci"
Keith Mayerson
Homage to America’s Doctor, Anthony S. Fauci

Thumbnail image of Glenn Ligon's "Black Rage (back cover)"
Glenn Ligon
Black Rage (back cover)

Thumbnail image of Zoe Leonard's "I want a president)
2018   sold out
Zoe Leonard
I want a president

Thumbnail image of Erica Baum's "Peer"
Erica Baum

Thumbnail image of Rosalind Fox Solomon's "Animal Landscape"
Rosalind Fox Solomon
Animal Landscape

Thumbnail image of Joy Episalla's "Celestial Bodies, (40° 44’ N x 73° 59’ W), 1"
Joy Episalla
Celestial Bodies, (40° 44’ N x 73° 59’ W), 1

Thumbnail image of Kate Shepherd's "For the ever, avec Souci"
Kate Shepherd
For the ever, avec Souci

Thumbnail image of Nan Goldin's "Apocalypse NYC" 2013
Nan Goldin
Apocalypse NY

Thumbnail image of Robert Gober's "Brokeback Mountain"2012   sold out
Robert Gober
Brokeback Mountain

Thumbnail image of Bill Jacobson's "New Year’s Day #5090"
Bill Jacobson
New Year’s Day #5090

Thumbnail image of fierce pussy's "Twisted"
fierce pussy

Thumbnail image of Donald Moffett's "Enlarged Hypothalamus"
Donald Moffett
Enlarged Hypothalamus

Thumbnail image of Tony Feher's "Green Blacktop"
2008   sold out
Tony Feher
Green Blacktop

Thumbnail image of Carrie Yamaoka's "25/Blues"
Carrie Yamaoka

Thumbnail image of David Armstrong's "Flat Iron Building"
2006   sold out
David Armstrong
Flat Iron Building

Thumbnail image of Richard Renaldi's "Matt, Fort Worth,TX"
Richard Renaldi
Matt, Fort Worth,TX

Thumbnail image of Ben Thornberry's photograph of police person wearing rubber glove at an ACT UP demonstration in 1988
“A Testament to Action: ACT UP, 1999” Collection
Ben Thornberry
Various photographs

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