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  • Barbara Hughes is an AIDS activist and a non-profit executive in New York City.


  • Robert W. Lennon is a business development and communications professional in New York City.


  • Laura Morrison is an AIDS activist and Associate Director of Communications, NYU Silver School of Social Work


  • Jim Aquino is a Broadway advertising executive in New York City.
  • Frank Bua is a writer, activist, and educator.
  • Dick Dadey is an LGBT activist and civic leader in New York City.
  • Nick Debs is an activist and principal of Debs & Co.
  • Joy Episalla is an AIDS activist and a visual artist in New York City.
  • Kevin Goetz is a film industry executive in Los Angeles.
  • Roy Gulick is a professor of medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College and the chief of the infectious diseases division at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital.
  • Jameel Jiwani is an investment professional in New York City.
  • Richard Lynn is an AIDS treatment activist and professional management consultant in New York City.
  • Robert Monteleone operates a rooftop garden design and installation business in Manhattan.
  • Eddie Pelto is Chief Development Officer at Point Foundation.
  • David Sigal is a filmmaker in New York City.
  • Mrinal Vikram is a finance professional based in New York City.
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