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TAGline 2017


TAGline Fall 2017


In the Fall 2017 issue of TAGline, we explore the political feasibility and sustainability of UHC in the U.S.:

Coverage isn’t Care
Globalizing the insurance model will harm global public health

The Long Game for Health Justice
Claiming and strategizing the HIV community’s role in universal health care advocacy

Universal Health Care and Prescription Drug Pricing
Reining in prescription drug prices isn’t so much a potential benefit of universal health care, but rather a factor in its affordability and success

Universal Health care and Reducing HIV Incidence
What does the research tell us?

Ending the Epidemic without Medicaid?
How U.S. southern states are moving ahead without full health care coverage

TAGline Spring 2017

In the April 2017 issue of TAGline, we chart the course ahead and touch on some of our overarching priorities in the coming months and years:

Lessons from History for Today’s HIV Response
Maintaining and expanding the accomplishments of the past depend on a fight for their survival and growth—now more than ever

Just the Facts: Trump and the Devaluation of Science
Mobilizing to defend biomedical research investments and scientific integrity as essential for public health, safety, and well-being

Wrangling Affordable Drug Pricing and HCV Elimination Under the New White House Administration
Trump’s early tough talk on drug pricing is now a pro-industry, anti-regulation GOP dreamscape

Resisting the Coming Austerity: Medicaid in the Crosshairs
Lingering Republican threats to the ACA and Medicaid do no favors for America’s working poor  

Breaking Down Walls in Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric
How the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant stance threatens human rights, public health, and the lives of people living with TB

The New War on Drugs
The 21st Century Cures Act and a right-wing war on regulations are direct threats to FDA evidentiary requirements for drugs, biologics, and devices

We remain in solidarity with our allies who have long fought battles to secure funding for basic and clinical research, reverse stigmatizing and discriminatory policies, stare down pharmaceutical industry greed, and push for programs to ensure equitable access to treatment and care. Although the challenges now go broader and deeper than ever before, we stand stronger than ever in a fight that has yielded monumental victories in the past and will continue to do so in the future. A luta continua, a vitória é certa.