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All people affected by TB have a right to benefit from scientific progress and to access the best-available short-course regimens for TB prevention and treatment. The 1/4/6×24 Campaign demands that countries and other duty bearers take action to implement the shortest available regimens – one month or once-weekly for TB prevention, four months for drug-sensitive TB, and six months for drug-resistant TB — by the end of 2024. By putting in place what the late Dr. Paul Farmer called the “five S’s”—the staff, stuff, space, systems, and support—needed to facilitate access to the shorter, safer regimens, yes, we can end TB.

In this video series, TB survivors from around the globe share their experiences and challenges taking the longer regimens and explain why scaling up access to the shorter, safer regimens for TB prevention and treatment matters. The videos were produced by Treatment Action Group and developed by Rhea Lobo —TB survivor, filmmaker, and activist. They feature Ganesh Acharya from India, Kenan Bayramov from Azerbaijan, Collina Kaira from Malawi, Gloriah Kerubo Moses from Kenya, Ani Herna Sari from Indonesia, and Manuel Duchitanga Tepan from the United States.

The video series includes a 6 minute video that can be screened during meetings and events, a 2 minute 20 second video optimized for screening on social media, and three 1-2 minute short profile videos.

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