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TB Project Co-Director

As a Co-Director of TAG’s TB Project, Lindsay works with activists, research institutions, developers, and policy makers to expedite the development of and access to improved tools to fight TB and TB/HIV and to end the long-standing neglect of children in TB research and programs. Lindsay also works to ensure that new tools respond to community needs and that members of TB-affected communities are included in research. As part of this work, she coordinates the Global TB Community Advisory Board (TB CAB), a group of research-literate activists from around the world that acts in an advisory capacity to institutions conducting TB clinical trials.

Lindsay has worked directly with patients as a senior medical assistant at a women’s health practice and gained experience interacting with both policy implementers and community care providers as a volunteer in-service educator for the Baltimore City Health Department.

Lindsay received her Master of Public Health with a focus on community health at SUNY Stony Brook. She has a Bachelor of Arts in public health studies from the Johns Hopkins University, where she served as the undergraduate liaison to an anti-sex-trafficking student activist group, mobilized resources for pediatric cancer research, and played varsity field hockey.

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