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TB Project Associate

As a TB project associate, Tejaswini (Teju) Dharmapuri Vachaspathi leads TAG’s advocacy to track and accelerate the development of TB screening and diagnostic technologies and to improve access to TB diagnosis and care. She also supports TAG-led TB campaigns and community advisory boards (CABs). She has a strong interest in advancing TB research and equitable access to the best available TB care.

Teju joined TAG in 2024. She holds a Masters of Science in International Health Policy — specializing in Health Economics — from the London School of Economics, and a Masters of Public Health — specializing in infectious diseases epidemiology — from the Yale School of Public Health. She also has work experience in public health practice, academia, and consultancy.

Having lived in Bangalore, Pune, London, and New Haven, Teju now lives in Brooklyn, New York and is working her way through all the fun NYC recommendations people (and social media) have to offer.

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Black and white photo of a darker-skinned woman with black hair, wearing earrings and a dress
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