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2018 TAG Update

I want to thank all of you for the support that enabled the successes TAG achieved this past year. Despite a challenging political climate and continued attacks against those living with or at risk of contracting HIV, tuberculosis (TB), or hepatitis C virus (HCV), we’ve made significant progress.

As you’ll see In TAG Update, in 2018 TAG’s HIV program expanded our Ending the Epidemic work within New York State and nationally. In a new advance, TAG’s HCV team led a budget and policy advocacy campaign, resulting in Governor Cuomo committing to HCV elimination, more than doubling State funding for this work, and establishing an HCV Elimination Task Force. TAG’s TB team encouraged the World Health Organization to modernize global drug-resistant TB treatment guidelines to reduce the use of drugs that cause deafness and persuaded the NYC Department of Health to invest $2.4 million more in TB programs to counter recent budget cuts and an alarming increase in cases.

As TAG continues to advocate for prevention, treatment, funding, a cure, and a vaccine for HIV, TB, and HCV, we know we cannot end these epidemics without you. We hope you’ll celebrate these accomplishments with us.

We must not let political paralysis block progress against the HIV, HCV, and TB epidemics. Passing Federal legislation will continue to be an unrelenting battle, challenges to the rights to healthcare will be brought to the Supreme Court, and we will be subjected to executive orders that will continue to threaten basic human rights.

We need your help now more than ever before. We must continue fighting.

Help us start 2019 out on the right foot. Please support TAG today, and join us in turning the tide against HIV, HCV, TB, and the political forces that oppose progress to end these epidemics. No gift is too small. Every dollar helps in this fight.

Thank you so much for being our partner and supporting this lifesaving work.

With gratitude,


Mark Harrington
Executive Director

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