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2019 was a year of significant progress against HIV, tuberculosis (TB), and hepatitis C virus (HCV). We shaped policy and legislation to end these conditions, secured increased funding to do so at various levels of government, and stood up for the rights of affected communities. Now, the novel coronavirus pandemic is changing the way all of us work.

At TAG, we’re applying our evidence-driven, community-oriented, and human rights-based activism to improve the COVID-19 response. We’re finding new allies and advocacy tactics to press on with the core of our work—pushing for an end to HIV, TB, and HCV—amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

In hopes of advancing even more lifesaving work in 2020, in June we announced our matching gift challenge, made possible by four of our board members. Thanks to the generosity of them and our outstanding supporters, we not only met our $40,000 goal – we exceeded it!

While this pandemic is different in many ways from the three diseases at the core of our mission, we’re reminded of the darkness of the early years of the AIDS epidemic. But we also feel hope and courage. We know that the deep expertise we and our partners have built over the years can help today, and with your donations you’ve shown us that we’re backed by your support.

Thank you for your solidarity, generosity, and dedication to the work ahead.

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