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By Gregg Gonsalves and Mark Harrington
VIII International Conference on AIDS, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, July 20, 1992

From the Introduction

The NIH, A User’s Guide, is the final section of our report on the AIDS programs of the National Institutes of Health. The material contained here is summarized, under separate cover, in Part I. We have provided this unexpurgated sourcebook as a tool for AIDS activists and advocates and others who want to learn about the AIDS programs sponsored by each of the institutes and centers at NIH in greater detail than is offered in our summary. You will find in the following pages: brief histories of each of the institutes and their AIDS funding, including the evisceration of the fiscal year 1993 AIDS budget; descriptions of each of their extramural and intramural programs, often with the principal investigators and their institutions listed; the “wish lists” of new programs and expansions of existing ones each institute would have liked to initiate for fiscal year 1993; and the lists of our recommendations for each fo the institutes, the NIH and Congress and the President.

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