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Rifapentine, an off-patent drug that’s been around since the 1960s, is the cornerstone of the two most effective regimens to prevent tuberculosis (TB) in people at risk of the disease. The one-month and three-month courses of TB preventive treatment (TPT), called 1HP and 3HP, respectively, are shorter and have fewer side effects than the previous standard of care for TB prevention. Offering 1HP and 3HP to people living with HIV, children, household contacts of people living with TB, and other communities at risk would save hundreds of thousands of lives over the next decade, but far too few people at risk of TB have access to this intervention.

The new 2024 update of An Activist’s Guide to Rifapentine TB Preventive Treatment: 3HP and 1HP lays out what TB community advocates need to know about rifapentine-based TPT. The publication walks through the now robust evidence base behind these regimens, including newly published research demonstrating that 3HP is safe and effective taken concurrently from Day 1 of dolutegravir-based ART. Readers will also learn who would benefit from TPT and why, how to push back against common excuses for not scaling up TPT, and how to strategize around drug availability and build demand for 1HP and 3HP in TB-affected communities.

You can access the 2020 edition of An Activist’s Guide to Rifapentine, as well as translations in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, and Russian, here. TAG produced this guide with support from the Unitaid-funded IMPAACT4TB project.


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