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One of the cornerstones of TAG’s work is weighing in on mission-related issues by sending comment letters to a variety of organizations, including Federal agencies, Senate and House committees, Pharmaceutical companies, and the WHO. Various staff members also frequently testify in person at committee hearings, and submit written testimony.

2020 Letters

Letter to Special Rapporteur on Cultural Rights
November 9, 2020 — Our current letter follows an earlier letter dated June 23, 2020 and calls on the Special Rapporteur for cultural rights to explicitly acknowledge the human rights dimensions of science and reaffirm the right of everyone to participate in and enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications in her forthcoming communication with the United Nations General Assembly on COVID-19.

Treatment Action Group Comments for the FDA Advisory Committee Meeting on COVID-19 Vaccines
October 20, 2020 — TAG’s comments and recommendations to the FDA Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee, encompassing a broad range of community concerns regarding COVID-19 vaccine development and regulatory review.

Response to HUD’s Proposed Rule Change: Making Admission or Placement Determinations Based on Sex in Facilities Under Community Planning and Development Housing Programs
September 16, 2020 — TAG joined numerous other public health and housing organizations in strongly opposing the proposed rule that would allow certain HUD-funded shelters to deny services to transgender people. HUD should withdraw this rule and work to ensure all people have access to shelter and housing, especially during a deadly pandemic.

Letter to Senate Appropriations Leadership About FY 2021 Funding for HIV Research at the National Institutes of Health
August 13, 2020 — TAG and our partners in the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership Research Work Group sent a letter to Senate Appropriations leadership urging robust Fiscal Year 2021 funding for HIV research at the National Institutes of Health.

Letter to Sanofi CEO Calling for Patent Withdrawals on Critical TB Drugs
August 3, 2020 — TAG and our French partners OTMeds (Observatoire de la transparence dans les politiques du médicaments) sent a letter to Sanofi CEO Paul Hudson calling on the company to reverse its efforts to patent two obvious combinations of two critical drugs to prevent tuberculosis: rifapentine and isoniazid.

Community Letter on COVID-19 Data Transparency and CDC Reform
July 27, 2020 — TAG signed this letter from HIV organizations strongly recommending that the Administration reverse its decision to bypass the CDC in the collection & analysis of COVID-19 patient data, and that CDC internally address a culture of institutional racism described in a letter from 1,200 CDC employees to Dir. Robert Redfield.

Letter to the NIH Demanding Inclusion of People with HIV in Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine Trials and Development Programs
July 27, 2020 — TAG endorsed this letter to the NIH demanding that people with HIV (PLHIV) be included in the Moderna mRNA-1273 Phase 3 COVID-19 vaccine trial and all COVID-19 vaccine development programs.

Petition to NYC Board of Health to Commence Emergency Rulemaking to Make Concrete Rules to End Racism As Public Health Peril
June 25, 2020 — On June 25, 2020, the National Black Leadership Commission on Health, the Latino Commission on AIDS, Housing Works, and TAG petitioned the New York City Board of Health to institute concrete rules to end racism as a public health crisis in New York City. TAG and partners called on the Board of Health to convene an emergency session to adopt new rules, amendments, and policies to address the disparate impact of COVID-19 on Black and Latinx New Yorkers, address racism as a public health crisis, address over-policing, and improve public health and safety.

Letter to United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Regarding COVID-19 and the Right to Science
June 23, 2020 — TAG sent this letter calling on the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) and the Human Rights Council (HRC) to explicitly acknowledge the human rights dimensions of science and reaffirm the right of everyone to participate in and enjoy the benefits of scientific progress and its applications in all of its work on COVID-19.

Appeal to UAE Authorities to Release Prisoners with HIV Vulnerable to COVID-19
May 15, 2020 — On May 18th, TAG and 46 other organizations and individuals – including the Stop TB Partnership, Global Coalition of TB Activists, and regional networks of people living with HIV, people affected by TB, and people who use drugs – are sending this letter to authorities in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with an urgent appeal concerning the health of people with HIV in UAE prisons who are vulnerable to COVID-19.

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