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Recommend TAG for a cy pres distribution

What is a cy pres distribution?
Whenever possible, settlements or awards result from class action lawsuits should go directly to the class members themselves. However, it is not always possible to distribute the entirety to class members: it may not be possible to find or reach all class members, or a class may be so large compared to the settlement or award as to make distribution to each individual unfeasible. Cy pres, derived from the French for, “so near/close,” refers to the doctrine to allow any residuals or remaining amounts from a class action award to be distributed instead to a non-profit organization whose work is close to the issue at hand, and advances the interests of the class and the public.

Why is TAG a good candidate for
cy pres distribution?
Treatment Action Group (TAG) is an independent, activist, and community-based research and health policy think tank. TAG is a reliable, responsible steward of funds. As a principled watchdog of the public interest, TAG serves the interests of a range of class members, as well as the public, through our advocacy on issues such as:

  • Safe, ethical, and equitable research and conduct of clinical trials and implementation science;
  • Accessibility, quality, fair pricing, and comprehensive access for medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, and other health products;
  • Fair competition and countering patent abuse;
  • Prevention or sanction of scientifically unjustified or unethical marketing.

To recommend TAG for a cy pres award, or if you have any questions or need documents or information, please contact Director of Development Jason Kirk at (843) 751-7580 or

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