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Ben Thornberry, Collection
“A Testament to Action: ACT UP, 1999”

If you’re interested in acquiring one of Ben Thornberry’s photographs, please email:

Ben Thornberry's photo of a police person wearing rubber gloves at an ACT UP demonstration in 1988Ben Thornberry’s handwritten note on the back of this photo is: “FDA 1988; ACT UP block the front entrance to the FDA. Chants of ‘Your gloves don’t match your shoes! They’ll see it on the news!’ go up.”


TAG Limited Art Editions started in 1999 with a gift from photographer Ben Thornberry. A Testament to Action: ACT UP contains thirty silver gelatin seleniumtoned prints. Thornberry’s images span part of the darkest period of the AIDS epidemic from 1988-1992 and attest to ACT UP (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power) members’ indomitable fighting response. His photographs bear witness to: blocking the entrance to the FDA, a kiss-in in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral in NYC during the 20th Anniversary of Stonewall March, activist Bob Rafsky (1946-1993) chained to the White House fence, women activists staging a die-in at the Republican national convention, the burning of the banner at the end of the memorial march for David Wojnarowicz in the East Village in NYC, AIDS activists marching in DC during the Ashes Action to deposit their loved ones’ ashes on Bush’s White House lawn, and many more actions. On the back of each print, hand inscribed in pencil, are Thornberry’s notes.

Joy Episalla, From the catalog of the art exhibition “TAG Limited Art Editions 1999 – 2017,”  which took place at the Westbeth Gallery, March 21 — Saturday March 24, 2018


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