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One powerful way to maximize the impact of your donation to TAG is by taking advantage of your company’s matching gifts program. Many companies offer this fantastic opportunity, enabling you to amplify your contribution and make an even greater difference in the fight against HIV, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis.

To get started, take a moment to check if your company has a matching gifts program. This program allows employees like you to increase the value of their donations by matching them with corporate funds. By participating in the program, you have the potential to double or even triple the impact of your initial contribution.

The process is simple. Begin by contacting your company’s human resources department or checking your internal portal to obtain the necessary information and guidelines for your matching gifts program. In most cases, you’ll need to complete a matching gift form, which can typically be found online or obtained from your HR representative.

Once you have the form, fill it out with the required details, including the donation amount and recipient information. For TAG’s matching gift eligibility, provide the following details:

Organization Name: Treatment Action Group (TAG)
Address: 90 Broad Street, Suite 2503, New York, NY 10004
Tax ID (EIN): 13-3624785

Acting HCV Project Director Joelle Dountio Ofimboudem at a demonstration in Washington, D.C. in 2021

After completing the form, submit it to your company according to their specified procedure. It’s important to include any additional documentation, such as a copy of your donation receipt or acknowledgement letter from TAG.

Upon receipt, your company will review the request and, if approved, process the matching gift. The additional funds will then be directed to TAG, significantly enhancing the resources available to combat these epidemics.

Remember, taking advantage of your company’s matching gifts program not only amplifies the impact of your generosity but also demonstrates your commitment to making a lasting change. Your support, when matched by your company, fuels critical research, advocacy efforts, and community initiatives, bringing us closer to ending HIV, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis.

We deeply appreciate your dedication to making a difference and encourage you to explore this opportunity to maximize the impact of your contribution to TAG. Together, we can create a healthier future for all.

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