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HIV vaccine research and cure research are both critically needed to end HIV. Research involving broadly neutralizing antibodies (bnAbs) is helping pave the way toward a possible HIV vaccine as shown in the AMP Study. However, new trial designs and concepts using bnAbs must be developed. As such, the HIV Vaccine Trials Network and the HIV Prevention Trials Network are currently conducting a study with AMP participants who acquired HIV that includes an analytical treatment interruption (ATI), a well-known cure research method. The study is assessing whether receipt of a bnAb may promote control of HIV when antiretroviral therapy is interrupted and will gather the information that can potentially assist the development of bnAbs and vaccines for both HIV prevention and cure.

On September 20, Treatment Action Group (facilitator Abraham Johnson), Dr. Shelly Karuna, and Dr. Karine Dubé presented this webinar on the next generation of bnAbs trial design and ethics related to ATIs in HIV vaccine and cure research. The webinar:

  • Discussed clinical trials of bnAbs for HIV
  • Discussed the parallels in HIV vaccine and cure research
  • Discussed ethical concerns related to ATIs in HIV vaccine and cure research

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