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Cover of November 2022 TAGline: Reads "TAG at 30" and is an illustration of various protest signs. "Free the Vaccine," "Silence = Death," "Cough Up the TB Money," "Stigma Spreads Disease," etc.

TAGline November 2022

This year’s edition of TAGline commemorates TAG’s 30th anniversary, and these articles explore TAG’s work over the years: what we've accomplished, what we've learned, the continuing obstacles to progress, and what comes next.
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TAG at 30: Milestones

By Dorrit Walsh and Mark Harrington Since 1992, Treatment Action Group has been advocating for those affected by and struggling with HIV. Since then, we’ve expanded our mission to include tuberculosis (TB) — the leading cause of death by infectious…

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cover of october 2021 TAGline - title is "delivering on the promise of long-acting formulations, and the image shows many calendar sheets with the names of months to indicate that these are long-acting technologies

TAGline October 2021

Delivering on the Promise of Long-Acting Forumulations delves deep into the development of long-acting formulations for the treatment and prevention of infectious diseases like HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis C, and malaria. Long-acting medications have become common for conditions such as osteoporosis and schizophrenia, and they're even used for birth control.
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