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Delivering on the Promise of Long-Acting Technologies

By Susan Swindells* and Mark Harrington This issue of TAGline explores the exciting opportunities and challenges that come with the development of long-acting formulations for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases. For many years to date, patients and providers…

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cover image of November 2020 TAGline

TAGline November 2020

'The Struggle of a Lifetime' (Continued): The words of the late Honorable John Lewis ring powerfully true today. In the U.S., as we welcome a new President-elect and Vice President-elect, we must also defend democracy to ensure a complete, peaceful transition of power. We engage in the struggles generations before us have advanced, despite myriad challenges and emerging new threats such as COVID-19.
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TAGline May 2020

Realizing the Right to Science: When we started to put together this issue of TAGline, we had no idea that COVID-19 was about to make its appearance and wreak havoc on every country of the world.
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Full cover image of November 2019 TAGline - Vote your ConSCIENCE: Elevating Health Justic in the 2020 Elections

TAGline November 2019

Vote Your ConSCIENCE: Elevating Health Justice in the 2020 Elections. 2020 marks the eighth U.S. presidential election cycle since Treatment Action Group’s founding in 1992. A hallmark of our activism has been to prepare for each presidential and congressional election cycle strategically, to ensure that whoever is elected, and whoever controls the House and the Senate, is informed about the best scientifically grounded research and policy and research programs.
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