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June 2021 marks the 40th anniversary of the U.S. government’s first reports of what later came to be known as AIDS. Over those four decades, 76 million people became infected with HIV, and over 33 million have died from it. Thanks to research and activism, more than 26 million of the world’s 38 million people living with HIV are receiving life-saving treatment. Though unacceptable gaps remain, the progress since – spurred in no small part by TAG’s informed, targeted, and tireless activism – has been remarkable.

From no treatment at all, antiretroviral treatment (ART) has evolved from complicated regimens with spotty efficacy and brutal side effects, to simple pills or even monthly injections that durably reduce HIV to undetectable levels. Highly effective prevention options are available. Two individuals are known to have been cured. Thanks to TAG and our partners’ pushing for high standards, community engagement, and health justice, we watched the transformation of HIV infection from a frequently fatal condition to what is now a preventable and treatable condition – as long as prevention, therapy, care, and information are accessible.

As the HIV epidemic changes over time, and new pandemics continue to emerge, TAG continues to evolve while remaining true to our activist roots. We partner with the most affected communities in the U.S. and around the world. After TAG accelerated the development of effective ART in the mid-1990s, we moved on to catalyze advocacy movements for the two deadliest co-infections of people with HIV – tuberculosis, and hepatitis C. And in 2020, we began applying our unique science-based and community-driven voice, as well as the lessons over the past nearly three decades, to COVID-19.

Your support has been central to TAG’s success over the past three decades, and particularly this past year of overwhelming uncertainty. We hope you’ll continue to support TAG so we can accelerate the end of these pandemics once and for all.

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