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Storytelling is a tool that can help build understanding, support discussions between members of affected communities and other stakeholders, and aid in the identification of important issues and potential solutions.

The three storyboards on this page describe the experiences of Paran Sarimita Winarni from Indonesia, and Adebola Tope Adams and Umar Abdulbaki from Nigeria. These individuals’ multi-year journeys through diagnosis, treatment, and cure illustrate the barriers people with TB and drug-resistant TB face, from misdiagnosis to lengthy and costly treatment to threats to employment.

In all examples, TB has a profound effect on the course of their lives and on their families, and moves them to create the resources they wish were available during their experiences with TB disease.

These storyboards can be used by community leaders and advocates in conjunction with other materials for TB awareness raising and to strengthen TB diagnosis and treatment literacy among affected communities.


Slide from powerpoint: young woman with pills in her hand; nurse standing by with needle

Indonesia: Paran Sarimita Winari’s Journey Fighting Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis






Image from powerpoint: at a private clinic, doctor is behind a desk and two men are in chairs in front of him. One man is giving money to the doctor

Nigeria: Umar Abdulbaki’s Journey Fighting Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis







Image from powerpoint: young woman coughing on crowded bus; other passengers look concerned

Nigeria: Adebola Tope Adams’ Journey Fighting Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis




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