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In July, 2018, The European African Treatment Advocates Network (EATAN), in conjunction with TAG, held a Community Summit in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. EATAN focuses on supporting the medical and social needs of African migrant populations with HIV, HCV and other chronic health conditions.

The two-day summit, which hosted 87 delegates from 12 countries, focused on sharing advocacy initiatives and case studies that have been successful in their respective countries. The delegates also committed to placing the needs of migrant populations front and center in developing a strategy to successfully eliminate both HIV and HCV in member countries. The voices of migrant populations are frequently left out of these discussions, so a commitment to bring these voices to the table is an enduring goal in addressing global cases of HCV.

To achieve this goal, member countries agreed that governments, pharmaceutical companies, and medical professionals need to collaborate with migrant populations to ensure they have access to medication and appropriate policy changes are made to reflect these priorities. This report details the presentations, discussions, and action items attendees discussed and will carry forward to their respective countries.

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