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Data Error in March TAGline Issue
Mike Barr or Rob Camp,

In reading the latest TAGline, we noticed an error in a piece of data reported. The BMS-488043 compound was listed as being only in Phase IB when actually the compound is in Phase IIa. The most recent Phase IIa study information was recently released at the 2004 CROI conference. Additionally, this compound is an attachment inhibitor, not an entry inhibitor.

I have included the text of the article in question, written by Rob Camp for the March 2004 issue. I have also attached a copy of the BMS press release issued for the attachment inhibitor (BMS-488043) at CROI.

Bristol-Myers Squibb would like to see this information corrected and reissued to all outlets that might pick up your articles. I would appreciate any help with this request. Please give me a call (I also left a message on the general mail box for TAG) so that we may determine how best to reissue the correct information.

We greatly appreciate your efforts in everything you do.

Thanks so much,
Katie Krome
Golin/Harris International


Dear TAGline,

I just received the March issue of TAGline. It was really excellent. The article on Fuzeon was very good. It was smart, informative and clever journalism. The chart on entry inhibitors was also really useful. TAG is doing a real service to the field by publishing information like this.

The interview with Richard on immune therapies was also informative, though I am doubtful that drug company fears about cannibalizing the treatment market are a big factor in the limited progress on therapeutic vaccines. With all due respect to Brigitte Autran, there is still no proof of concept either in monkeys or animals for any viral infection that I know of. And companies like Merck, which now have a very limited commercial stake in HIV drugs, would be very happy to have an effective treatment vaccine.

David Gold

(David Gold is the founder, along with Victor Zonana, of Global Health Strategies in New York.)

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