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Cover of November 2022 TAGline: Reads "TAG at 30" and is an illustration of various protest signs. "Free the Vaccine," "Silence = Death," "Cough Up the TB Money," "Stigma Spreads Disease," etc.


TAG at 30

This year’s edition of TAGline commemorates TAG’s 30th anniversary. The organization was founded in 1992 by people living with HIV and their allies, to fight for effective treatments and for the involvement of HIV-affected communities in every step of the research, development, and implementation processes. Since then, our mission expanded to include TB and HCV, which are among the leading killers of people with HIV, and deadly pandemics in their own right.

These articles explore TAG’s work over the years: what we’ve accomplished, what we’ve learned, the continuing obstacles to progress, and what comes next. While the past three decades have seen immense progress, ending these pandemics will require sustained community engagement, intensified research, and evidence-based policies to ensure solutions serve the interests all people affected by HIV, TB, and HCV. Here we examine many aspects of what that will entail, from improving representation in clinical research, to supporting activists pushing for country-level change, to prioritizing shorter regimens that improve patients’ lives, all under a common theme of addressing persistent health and political disparities which make outcomes worse for sexual minorities, the poor, women, young people, and people of color. We look forward to continuing to offer our experience and expertise to these efforts in the years to come.

Thank you for your support — we hope you enjoy this issue of TAGline.

In this issue of TAGline:

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