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October 2023 TAGline cover: Lost in Translation. Features graphic of "TAG Translate" and shows 4 sets of terms: Shorter Treatments = Error: Insufficient Funding; Community Engagement = Error: political hostility; effective prevention = error inadequate awareness; broad screening = error: outdated guidelines


Lost in Translation

We’re thrilled to share the 2023 edition of TAGline, which explores some of the barriers that obstruct research from being effectively implemented to improve people’s health. Since TAG’s founding three decades ago, scientific research has produced more than a few potentially game-changing advancements – under optimal conditions, HIV is manageable and preventable, tuberculosis (TB) is preventable and curable with fewer side-effects than ever before, and hepatitis C Virus (HCV) is curable. And yet, as TAG supporters and allies well know, these developments have still yet to benefit everyone who needs them. Taking whatever action possible to ensure these breakthroughs don’t get “lost in translation” from labs to lives has always been at the heart of our work.

These articles aim to unpack what’s hindering the best possible application of science in the fight against HIV, TB, and HCV. Such challenges include lack of community awareness and political will, rising bigotry targeting queer communities, inadequate preparedness for new product rollouts, inappropriate country-level treatment guidelines and more. We believe that community-based civil society has a key role to play in addressing these ongoing issues, to extend the benefits of scientific research to everyone, everywhere.

Thank you, as always, for your support. We hope you enjoy this issue of TAGline.

In this issue of TAGline:

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