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TAG commemorates the many heroes, leaders, partners, family members, friends, and loved ones we lost this year. Rest in Peace, Rest in Power.

Egidio John Aquino
Ahmaud Arbery
Timothy Ray Brown
Tania R. Brown-Muhammed
William Cullum
The Honorable Elijah Cummings
Aubri Esters
George Floyd
Zan Gay
The Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsburg
David Graeber
Guillermo Guerrero
Jesse Harvey
Larry Kramer
The Honorable John Lewis
Tony McDade
Barbara Hunt McLanahan
Terrence McNally
Linda Nochlin
Elizabeth Owens
Gita Ramjee
Aagamma Suddala
Breonna Taylor
Bobby Tolbert
Henry Van Ameringen
Paul Volcker
Dr. Joyce Wallace
Walter Wallace
Dr. Li Wenliang
Cathy Wilfert
Elaine Wolfensohn
Nashom Wooden

TAG also honors the many unknown, anonymous, forgotten, or disappeared Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color murdered by those acting out the institutionalized violence and hatred encoded in the U.S. culture

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