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Thank you to all our wonderful supporters who “attended” our first ever virtual Research in Action Awards on Thursday, November 19, 2020. At this time of great turmoil and when activism to end infectious disease is more vital than ever, it was so important to gather virtually to celebrate life, commemorate those we’ve lost, and recognize champions of progress and justice.

We honored Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., National Nurses United, Sharon Stone, and Wakefield. Our wonderful host was veteran journalist and activist Ann Northrop, and the multi-talented Rachel York gave two amazing performances. Last, but definitely not least, Bob Bronzo was our hard-working event chair.

Dr. Jon LaPook moderated a fascinating roundtable discussion of researchers and activists Dr. Wafaa El-Sadr, Dr. Trip Gulick, and TAG’s own Annette Gaudino. They discussed the parallels between fighting COVID-19 and the fight against AIDS.

You can still support the event by donating here, and in case you couldn’t attend or want to watch any parts of the show again, the full program is below.

amfAR, The Foundation for AIDS Research
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Global Health Strategies
Housing Works
Marta Heflin Foundation
National Coaliton of STD Directors
Otsuka Novel Products GmbH
Red Hot
Screen Engine / ASI
Vivid Coffee
Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP

You’ll find all the details about this year’s TAG Limited Art Edition right here.


The Debs Foundation: Richard A. and Barbara Knowles Debs; Nick Debs

Richard Lynn & Joseph Evall

David France – in honor of Mark Harrington
The Gendal Family Charitable Foundation – in honor of our dear friend Monte Steinman. We are all happy to be able to be a part of your extended TAG family. Sincerely, Ellen, David, and Phyllis
Judith Harrington
Rob Lennon & Mark Gilrainfor all the work this great organization has done and all that’s left to do! ACT UP, FIGHT BACK, END AIDS!
Robert Monteleone – in honor of Barbara Hughes; and remembering George Katravis, Kiki Mason, and all those fabulous queens that still leave their footprints
Laura Morrison – in honor of Barbara, Mark, and Bob

Alejandro Arce – in honor of Sally C. Cooper, Bryn, Annette, Richard Jefferys, Mark Harrington, Michael Callen
Bob Bronzo – to send TAG staff to DC (when it’s safe)
Capital Group – matching gift of Jameel Jiwani’s donation in honor of Erica Lessem
Guillermo Chacón & Natasha Quirch / Latino Commission on AIDS – in honor of Dennis de Leon
John F. Duane & Mary E. Northridge
Marc E. Elovitz – in honor of Richard Lynn and Joseph Evall
Judy & Steven Gluckstern – in memory of Michael Palm
Kevin & Neil Goetz – in honor of TAG: no better organization. I love you all.
Mark Harrington – in memory of Richard Harrington,  Suzanne Gay, Elizabeth Owens, Dr. Li Wenliang, the Hon. Elijah Cummings, the Hon. John Lewis, and Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg; in honor of Judith Harrington, Chris Harrington, Daphne Powell, Kate Harrington, Cameron Coltharp, Megan Harrington, Jonathan Creighton, and their wonderful families; and in honor of Barbara Hughes, Jim Aquino, Rob Lennon, and TAG’s Board of Directors
Megan Harrington & Jonathan Creighton – in memory of Richard Harrington; and in honor of the TAG Team – thanks everyone!!
Tigist Kassahun & Lizzy Lovinger – in honor of the amazing TAG team
Noel E.D. Kirnon & Michael D. Paley
Winston B. Layne
Michael K. Longacre – in memory of Tony Ortiz
Dr. Mike McCune & Dr. Karen Kaye Smith-McCune
Jeff Meleski & Steve Markov – Thank you Kevin Goetz for the invitation to this wonderful event
Jeff Mendoza & Dr. Chuck Sklar
Eddie Pelto – in memory of Daniel A. Volpe, Jr.
Walter Rieman – in memory of Tom Stoddard
Bruce Schackman & Ed Sikov
Andrew C. Schirrmeister III – in honor of Monte Steinman
Hal Sedgwick – in honor of Cassandra Leveille
Mrinal Vikram & Kevin Finnegan
Max von Zuben – in honor of Kevin Goetz

Rich Aguiar – in honor of Kevin Goetz: thank you for introducing me to this incredible organization and thank you for your great support and advocacy over the years
Ivy Kwan Arce – in honor of Sally C. Cooper, Bryn Gay, Annette Gaudino, Richard Jefferys
Robert & Margot Bazell
Karen Bronzo & Jefferson Rabb
Steven & Denise Chickery
Joe Ciancaglini
Benson Cohen
Robert N. Croonquist
Scott Dainton
Hon. Thomas K. Duane
Gene Falk
Dr. Jennifer J. Furin – in honor of my lovely TB Junkyard Dawgs
Bryn Gay
Harry Greenwald & Babette Krolik
Mark GilrainI’m so in awe of what and how TAG changes the world!
Trip Gulick, MD
Jameel Jiwani – in honor of Erica Lessem
Burt Lazarin
Kate Lear & Dr. Jonathan LaPook – in honor of Dr. Anthony Fauci
Kelsey Louie / GMHC
Joseph McConnell & Erik Haagensen
Saurav Madoori – in honor of TAG staff that are fighting for my future; thank you TAG, xo
Mirla & George Morrison
Sally Morrison & Tobias Corser
Ann Northrop – in honor of Robert Monteleone
Daniel Ptacek
Robert H. Remien
Ginny Shubert & David Sipress
Monte Steinman
Emily Tillman
Rebecca Jordan-Young – in loving memory of Sally C. Cooper
John Voelcker – in honor of Tarlach MacNiallais, the first person I knew to die of Covid, and all my ACT UP comrades

Stuart Anthony – in memory of Will Rogers
Jim Aquino – in memory of Egidio John Aquino and in honor of Barbara Hughes. Thank you Bob Bronzo!
Nick Azrack
Ian & Luann Bailey
John Barone – Thanks to Robert Monteleone for introducing me to your wonderful organization TAG and for tonight’s uplifting meeting. In honor of my brother Joseph Barone who passed from HIV/AIDS
Michael Beltran & Tim Ford
Danielle Berz
Barbara & Richard Boxer – in honor of Sharon Stone whose involvement makes the world better
Rory Bruer
Frank Bua & Scott Carroll
Ama Burnham
Jill Casid & Anna Campbell
Dick Dadey – in support of TAG’s great leadership and impactful work
Lynda M. Dee / AIDS Action Baltimore – in memory of Garey Lambert
John Deyling
Joy Episalla & Carrie Yamaoka – in memory of all our comrades in the fight against AIDS
Andrew Friedman
Craig Greiwe
Ron Goldberg & Joe Chiplock
Rodney & Idan Gould – in honor of Kevin Goetz
Dr. Polly Harrison – in memory of John and Wilfred
Paula Hartstein & Jonathan Levin – in honor of Erica Lessem, Mark Harrington, and the entire TAG organization
Larry Iannotti – in honor of Richard Lynn
Richard Jefferys – in memory of Timothy Ray Brown
Karyn Kaplan & Cindy Kaplan – Mom loves you Mark!
Paul E. Kennedy
Sung Woon Kil – in honor of Bob Bronzo
Jay Leitz
Claire Lennon
Erica Lessem – in honor of the amazing TAG team, especially Dorrit and Joe for their work on RIAA
Krista Martel / The Well Project – in memory of Ellen Heitzman
Vincent Martin & Jason Kirk – in memory of Brian LaBlanc
Dr. Brian P. & Laura J. McKenna
Kristin Milot
Dr. Carole D. Mitnick – in honor of Leonard Mitnick
Skip Mooney
Glenn Nuotio – in honor of John St. Louis and all in ’90s Montreal
Kathleen O’Leary – in honor of Bob Bronzo
Donesh Olyaie – in memory of Reza Abdoh
Richard Parsons – freke-deke apparel and accessories! Thank you for your wonderful work! Incredible!
Diane Parrish
Rob & Kate Previti
Jason Osher & Richard Schubel – in memory of Margie Garber-Steinberg
Amirah Sequeira – in honor of Mark Harrington and the incredible TAG comrades who have taught me so much and inspire me every day!
Sara Rafsky – in memory of Bob Rafsky
Greig Sargeant – in honor of Jim Aquino and Bob Bronzo
Jane Silver
Audrey Sokoloff & Tim Hosking – in honor of Richard Lynn
Peter Staley
John B. Steever, MD – Thanks to Robert M. for introducing me to this amazing organization!
Keith S. Tobin, MD
Cash van Halder – in honor of Jameel Jiwani
Dorrit Walsh – in memory of her family: Marie B. Walsh, Col. John G. Walsh Jr., John G. Walsh III, and Lola Randazzo Walsh
Mitchell Warren / AVAC
Jenna Young
Vicki Zubovic – in honor of Mark Harrington

Madhur Ambastha
AnonymousQ – in honor of Neil & Kevin Goetz
Michele Araujo
Jeb Bent – in honor of Jameel Jiwani
Suzanne & Bernie Benzer – in memory of my son, Bobby Rosenthal, and in honor of my dear friends at TAG
Mark Black & Glen Leiner
Jessica Boyle – in honor of the tireless efforts of all those who work hard to support TAG, and continue to fight
Scott P. Campbell – in honor of Sabrina Guerrero-Morris
Steven Capone & Carlos Sanchez
Jeanie Carstensen
Michael Catts – in honor of Jameel Jiwani
Jon Chomitz – Thanks for your wonderful work!
Chris Collins / Friends of the Global Fight Against AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – in honor of Wakefield
Evan Cowitt – in honor of Neil Goetz, because Kevin was lucky enough to land him
Margaret DeLong
Mary Duane
Alex Dropp
Jim Eigo
Tom Evans
Nushien Fateh
Bruce Friend
Annette Gaudino – for Traci, Elizabeth, and Bobby
Leslie Asako Gladsjo
Nicole Goetz – in honor of Kevin Goetz from his niece, who supports everything he does!
Rodney Gould – in honor of Kevin Goetz
Sarra Karzai
David Hamilton
Margaret Hamilton – in honor of Robert Monteleone
Drew Hodges & Peter Kukielski
Rob Hoerburger
Jo Irwin – in honor of Joy Episalla
Rafique Jiwani
Margaret Johnston
Jordan & Kevin Kilner – in memory of Bradford
Brenda Lein – in memory of Martin Delaney, Andy Zysman, Jesse Dobson and Michael Wright… and all our friends ♥

Don Lessem & Valerie Jones – in honor of Erica Lessem
Joanne Laird
Joe Lauretano – in honor of Bob Bronzo and Jim Aquino xo
Margaret Lennon
Robert Levin
Diana Loffredo – in honor of Naldo
Karen Lovinger – in  honor of Lizzy Lovinger
Emily McKenna – in honor of Lindsay, Mike & David – the dream! TAG is amazing! Great to hear about all your hard work!
John Nesbitt – in honor of Jameel Jiwani
Bianca Maria Orlando & Bill McGinty
J McDermott
Alex Maderazo
Louis Minora
Catherine Muir
Christina Previti
Peter Pritchard
Liam Robinson – in honor of Sharon Stone: for your love and your light
Stephanie Roseman – in honor of our sister and Doda Lizzy’s hard work at TAG
Jamie Saakvitne & Daniel Chow – in honor of Barbara Hughes
Greig Sargeant – in honor of Bob Bronzo, with love from Beverly Carlton…. aka… you know who
Jeffrey Schouten
Salvatore Seguna – in honor of Jameel Jiwani
Zachary Shore – in honor of Jameel Jiwani
Erica Thomas
Craig Torrie – in honor of my pals
Christian Urrutia
Erin Watstein
Dr. Jack Whitescarver
Terri Wilder – in honor of Annette, Bryn, and Mark!

Jay Abrenica
Lindsay Berz
Cheriko Boone – in honor of Dr. Ron Simmons and Mr. Ed Shaw: may they rest in peace and inspire our continued activism
Sean Butler
Pablo Cerrilla
Suzanne Chamma
Natasha Dadlani
Gisa Dang
Robert B. Ettinger – in memory of Clyde, John, and his partner John
Pamela Fornieri – in honor of Bob Bronzo
Stacey Hannah – in honor of Wakefield
Alex Henderson & Oskar Moguel
Jonathan Hockhhauser
Michael Horgan
Amy Hsu
Caterina Barone-Jacobo – in memory of my brother, Joseph Barone
Scott Johnson
Kate Kiraly
Abba Manchanda
Whitney Maxwell
Molly McDermott
Coralina Meyer – in honor of Cunt Quilt: Stitch-n-Bitch (Care)
Sumit Nihalani – in honor of Jameel Jiwani
Sandra M. Pallaja, MD – in memory of Nicholas Rango MD, Helen Rodriguez-Trias MD, and Monserrate Perez
Jesse Potash
Joaquin Pranda
Erin Price – in support of TAG and Bob, having me weeping right beside him
Diane Robin
Jaclyn Salzillo
Celeste Wolter Sempere
Andersen Seng
Pauline Simons – in memory of the brave ones
Bill Snow – in honor of Wakefield and Dr. Fauci
David Thomson
Eduardo Wong & Stephen Betschel
Courtenay Wood – in honor of Karl; for Bob: listening to you read these pledges is just such a delight!
Marcelo Yanez – in honor of Mark Harrington and NNU. Thank you for all you’ve done.


Sarah Alexander – in honor of Wakefield
Erica Baum
Sue Boyajian
Alex Breitman – The organization, and the staff, are so incredible!!! Thank you for all you do!
Cara Brown
John Carlin
Ellen Darby
Dennis F. Giza
Ali Greenfield – y’all rock!
David Hubbell
Thomas Hunter
Robert & Fredy Karp
Christopher Kauffmann
Darlene Lakeman
Mary Lennon
Lori Leve – in honor of Sharon Stone: for her big heart and devotion to ending HIV/AIDS
Dick Madden
Kathy Manabat – in honor of Kevin Goetz
Joseph S. Monteleone
Scott Morgan
Jason Plourde – in honor of, and with gratitude for, Wakefield
Barbara Rosen
Allison Ruby
Bobby Schneiderman
Caroline Smith
Nathan Solomon
Ian Thompson
Carmen Tortorelli
Roy Trevelion – in memory of Tseko Simon Nkoli
Cathy White

Price & Joaquin Arana – in honor of Sharon Stone
Ed Barron
Eddie Castro & Jason Schreiber
Anne Elisabeth
Ines Farag
Nathan Fiore
Karen Hoyt
Jonathan Lucas – in honor of Brother Wakefield
Robert Lapinus Morgan
Jo-ey Tang
Dmitry Terekhov – in honor of Jameel Jiwani

TAG commemorates the many heroes, leaders, partners, family members, friends, and loved ones we lost this year. Rest in Peace. Rest in Power.

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