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2023 TAG Limited Art Edition
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A photo of one of the unique 2023 Limited Art Editions by Ivy Kwan Arce. A variety of colorful elements enclosed in a glass vitrine
The 2023 TAG Limited Art Edition was supported by a generous grant from the Marta Heflin Foundation

Ivy Kwan Arce

Entre el cielo y la tierra : 天地之間
東經134度 4分38秒, 北緯34度28分53秒
Printed chiffon, glass case, and mixed media
17.3″w x 9.3″d x 5.5″
Edition of 35 + 5 A/Ps
Price: $1800

Ivy Kwan Arce speaking about this artwork:
Each individualized assemblage includes a personally designed HIV/AIDS legacy shawl that serves as a tangible testament to pivotal cases and manifestos that revolutionized healthcare and science for People with AIDS (PWA). These groundbreaking efforts forged pathways fundamentally changing patient rights and the landscape of healthcare both locally and globally. Notably it highlights the significance of the Denver Principles and the S.P. v. Sullivan case a landmark class action lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services led by courageous women including Katrina Haslip, Iris De La Cruz, and Phyliss Sharpe. The case advocated by Terry McGovern sought to expand eligibility criteria for AIDS social security benefits to include women.

The shawl is more than a wearable piece of art, it encapsulates the profound personal sacrifices of PWAs. It is a piece for you to be wrapped in our HIV/AIDS legacy; a form of a meditative reflection — the shawl brings both pride and a sense of courage akin to the superhero comrades who fought in the AIDS crisis. Additionally, the artwork features a donated HIV medication from a long-term HIV+ survivor someone who battled HIV before HAART treatments were available. Many individuals who contributed through clinical trials paved the way for medication safety during the AIDS crisis and some of these layered contributions have led to solutions for global health crises including COVID-19. There will be a QR code connected to the project.

Since my HIV diagnosis in 1990 I’ve had the good fortune of being connected with individuals who would later form and work at TAG. Among them is Richard Jefferys whom I met even before TAG’s formation. He imparted invaluable scientific knowledge about HIV and immunity guiding me through three decades of HIV care including maternal and now geriatric care. TAG’s work has been instrumental in my journey to survive HIV. I had the privilege of organizing The Pride Health Fair of NY in collaboration with ACT UP and it was through TAG’s unwavering support over these three years that we were able to bring this project to the community. Having been a recipient of RIIA I gratefully accepted the opportunity to join TAG’s board as treasurer. This incredibly prolific activist-humanitarian science-driven and hardworking group is the reason I have an extended lease on a well-lived and -loved life.

For more information there will be a QR code connected to the artwork.

Mostly purple shawl packaged for TAG's 2023 Limited Art Editions
Photo of a very colorful shawl, one piece of TAG's 2023 Limited Art Editions
Mostly pink shawl packaged as part of TAG's 2023 Limited Art Edition

Please note that all shawls look like the one displayed above center. The two smaller photos of the shawl only appear to be different due to the way they’re folded.

young man modeling the shawl that's part of the 2023 Limited Art Edition by Ivy Kwan Arce
young man modeling the shawl that's part of the 2023 Limited Art Edition by Ivy Kwan Arce
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