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Supporting TAG is a wise investment in advocacy towards ending HIV, hepatitis C, and tuberculosis. Our small but well-organized and highly respected staff of professionals make the most of your support. Every donation to TAG brings us one step closer to ending these epidemics.

For more information about any of the ways you can help TAG listed on this page, please email, or call 212-253-7922.

Support TAG’s Research in Action Awards: Each year, TAG honors some of the most important scientists, artists, celebrities, and activists fighting to end this epidemic. You can support TAG by attending RIAA, buying tickets, inviting friends, placing an ad in the RIAA brochure, or suggesting honorees and hosts to us.

Purchase a TAG Limited Art Edition: Each year, at its annual Research in Action Awards, TAG presents a new, limited-edition artwork, generously donated by a highly regarded visual artist. Proceeds from art sales support TAG’s life-saving work.


Leverage Your Company Have a Matching Gifts Program
Does your company have a matching gifts program? If so, you can double or even triple your donation. Just complete the program’s matching gift form and send it in with your donation.

Expand your support by asking your friends and family to make a donation in your honor to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or the holidays. An acknowledgment will be sent to you when a gift is made in your honor.

Make a Gift of Stock
Gifts of stock benefit TAG and you. If you purchased the stock at a lower price than it’s valued at now, you receive the tax deductible benefit of the stock value at the price on the day it’s transferred to TAG.

Make a Planned Gift
Planned gifts can include a bequest, listing TAG as a beneficiary in your will, or naming TAG as a beneficiary and owner of a life insurance policy.

Join the American Express GivingExpress Program
If you’re an American Express cardholder you can elect to have a regular donation automatically charged to your American Express card. Find out more about this program by calling the American Express customer service number on the back of your card, or visit

Recommend TAG for a Cy Pres Distribution
TAG’s independent and principled work to promote health, ethical research, sound policies, and fair competition make us an excellent candidate for receiving cy pres distributions (residual funds from a class action lawsuit, after funds have been distributed to all the class members themselves).

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