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HIV Vaccine Trial Results: Efficacy and Uncertainty

First Signal of Vaccine-Mediated Protection Against HIV Infection is Both Celebrated and Questioned By Richard Jefferys On September 24, 2009, the surprising announcemnet that a vaccine combination had shown efficacy in preventing HIV infection was splashed across the world media.…

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Two New TAG Publications

Research Funding Gaps Revealed Treatment Action Group has published two new reports on the crisis in national and international funding for scientific research on AIDS, tuberculosis (TB), and viral hepatitis. TB and hepatitis are diseases that affect hundreds of millions…

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The HIV Entry Ban: What’s Next?

A Talk with Nancy Ordover By Bob Huff Nancy Ordover, PhD, has served on the International Task Team on HIV-Related Travel Restrictions, convened by UNAIDS and concerned with issues relating to the human rights, public health, and economic impact of…

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