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August 23, 2019 –This guide is for people who have tuberculosis (TB), people who are at risk for it, and the people who take care of them. It explains what global standards are for TB prevention, treatment, and care, so you can know what services you have the right to receive.

We’ve divided the guide into four sections that cover your human rights and TB; your rights and TB prevention; your rights when it comes to TB diagnosis; and finally, your rights and getting TB treatment.

Below you’ll find download links for the full guide, as well as PDFs of each individual section. The guides available in English are up to date and reflect the latest World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines (as of August 2019).

The guides available in other languages remain in their original form (first posted February 2018). As such, they do not reflect the latest WHO recommendations for treating rifampicin-resistant and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (RR-/MDR-TB), including the recommendation that most patients with DR-TB should be treated with fully oral treatment regimens.

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