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These free educational materials are designed for community-based and civil society organizations to use to advocate for and teach people about TB preventive treatment (TPT).

“After Tuberculosis Exposure: Tips for Protecting Yourself and the People in Your Life” walks readers through what actions to take after learning they’ve been exposed to TB, addressing basic questions about TB, how to get screened for TB, what to expect at the clinic, and potential benefits of TPT.

“Sharing Your Tuberculosis Diagnosis with the People in Your Life: Tips for Engaging Their Support” is aimed toward people recently diagnosed with TB and provides tips for discussing their TB diagnosis with close contacts.

We developed these materials at the request of community advocates who wanted ways to help people talk to their families and close contacts — people who share the same air from living together, working together, or doing other things together — about a TB diagnosis and ways to prevent TB.

Both publications are available as readable A5 PDFs, and “flipbooks,” that are  downloadable PDFs with cropmarks formatted for printing.

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