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Bringing Down the House on Intellectual Property and Access

As the Trump administration makes noise about  the high price of pharmaceuticals while doubling down on its commitment to “protect the engine of American ingenuity,” this issue of TAGline dives deep into the rhetoric and realities of intellectual property  (IP)  protections  and  the current wave of political shenanigans on critical drugs, surfacing the fundamental lies and vested interests that deny medication to those in need in the United States and around the world.

In this issue of TAGline:

Whose Intellect? Whose Property? A Blueprint for Bringing Down the Pharma IP House of Cards
By JD Davids, TAGline Guest Editor and Suraj Madoori, U.S. and Global Health Policy Director, TAG

Beyond Declarations: Lessons from the UN High-Level Meeting on TB on Building and Transforming Political Will into Real Access to Medicines
By Khairunisa Suleiman, Co-Technical Lead, Global TB CAB and Suraj Madoori, U.S. and Global Health Policy Director, TAG

Fierce Activism from the Global Access to Medicines (A2M) Movement: Reflections on Recent Sucess
By Bryn Gay, HCV Project Director, TAG

Getting Rid of the Boogeyman: The Reality of Prescription Drug Price Controls
By Annette Gaudino, HCV/HIV Project Co-Director, TAG

Keeping an Eye on Intellectual Property Issues in HIV Cure and Prevention Research
By Richard Jefferys, Basic Science, Vaccines, and Cure Project Director, TAG

Pharma Lies, People Die: Myth-Busting Fact Sheet on Medicine Development and Pricing
By Bryn Gay, HCV Project Director, Tag and Claudine Guerra, CUNY

A Pharma View on Delinkage and New Models for Biomedical Innovation: An Interview with Marc Destito from Otsuka Pharmaceutical
By Mike Frick and Lindsay McKenna, TB Project Co-Directors, TAG

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