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October 31, 2019 – The purpose of this new publication is to provide information for you and your community. The Activist Guide aims to provide a deeper focus on diagnosis with updated information about the steps and different technologies involved in diagnosing a person with hepatitis C. It outlines major barriers to accessing testing technologies and services, which are similar to affordable access to the cure.

It builds on TAG’s Training Manual for Treatment Advocates: Hepatitis C Virus and Coinfection with HIV, which you can refer to for more detailed information about prevention, latest treatments, and care for hepatitis C and HIV coinfection.

The information here is written by and for people who aren’t medical specialists. TAG is made up of treatment activists who learned about HCV because it was a problem for people in our communities. We designed the Activist Guide to increase advocates’ knowledge about available HCV tests, to discuss barriers to testing, and to assist in strategizing campaigns and action steps to overcome them.

The guide is organized into six sections. There are discussion points and action steps at the end of each section, and we hope both of these start conversations about finding solutions together.

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